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Perry Merchandisers

Boost your sales with a Perry Merchandiser, specifically designed to stand out from the crowd and work in harmony with PerryPack and Retail Boxed products supplied by Perry. These merchandisers are exclusively available to Perry Distributors. Read on to find out more, or speak to your Account Manager who will happily discuss all the options to you.

Why not let Perry help you sell more?

Here at Perry we are well known throughout the trade for the Quality & Performance of our products over the competition, but traditionally this hasn't translated to the consumer. This is where Perry Merchandisers can make a huge difference to you and your business. Our Merchandisers have been designed specifically to work with our most recent and modern packaging, working together to really show the premium product Perry supplies.

Modular Design

Perry don't like complicated, that's why it was important to develop units that cause minimum fuss. Each unit can be put up in less than 5 minutes, meaning you can save valuable time and energy. Because each unit has the same core, they can be joined together to create impressive runs of merchandisers, and even a store-in-store, really making the products on display stand out from others. We have even included a corner unit, making the best use of space you have available. The tall stands also come with powered light boxes as standard, making the units more appealing and giving the impression of quality that the products deserve.

Hardware Merchandisers

By far the most popular merchandiser we do, there are a number of options available to you. We offer a 1m stand which is available with a flat shelf on the base, or one with a trough base. The trough base is particularly popular with those who have bigger packs of items on sale that won't be hanging, such as Straight or Cranked Hook & Bands. To be as versatile as possible, there's also a 0.65m wide flat base version to give additional hanging space where there isn't a full metre available, as well as a corner unit.

Optional Extras include additional Flat Shelving, Chain Shelving and high quality RAL matched Euro Hooks to finish off the look and feel of the display.

Modular Design

The modular design of Perry Merchandisers means that you can create a store-in-store, making the most of your floor space with an attractive and impressive display.