About Us

Brand Story
Our mission statement is, “To provide true and lasting value to our customers through high quality and forward-thinking products, highly efficient customer experience and proudly providing personal and honest service levels”. We would like to think after 95 years’ experience we are as passionate and driven than ever.  A perry is a family owned and run company founded in 1925 by Arthur Perry. The company is now directed by 3rd and 4th generation of the Perry and Dunnaker family. Arthur Perry started with humble beginnings by making steel Gutter Brackets and Hinges. Since then, A Perry has grown extensively. We now operate a 140,000 sq. ft facility with a full in-house team. As we have grown, we have diversified into a total of 4 divisions. The bread and butter of the company Perry Trade focuses on hardware, ironmongery, hinges amongst other things then there is our Perry Equestrian division which specializes in stable and yard. Our Primus division is dedicated to garden art and gifting and lastly the manufacturing division dedicated to thread bars and engineered fasteners. 

Our 4 divisions all have a story behind their origin which is why we uphold the highest standard of our product quality and customer centric approach. 

Meet the team
Our founding father Arthur Perry planted the roots of the company and over the years our ever-growing staff team of 70+ has kept it alive. We have a very diverse, dedicated and experienced team that help make Perry the brand that it is. We are made up of 9 departments that are split into
  • Sales
  • Customer care
  • Accounts
  • Marketing
  • Hr
  • Warehousing
  • Factory
  • Domestics
Our Values
At Perry we believe that our values are the heart of the organization. Like a steam train, we believe that if we keep fuelling our values with strong family principles, a customer centric approach filled with integrity as well as a deep focus on quality & performance and an environmentally responsible awareness. Our “train” will take us anywhere we want to go.

Our mission is to provide true and lasting value to our customers through high quality products that outperform expectations, a highly efficient customer experience and a personal and honest service. Everything we do, we do for longevity and sustainability to ensure we will be serving customers for generations to come.

  • Having engaged and motivated staff who are proud to be part of the ‘Perry family’.
  • Developing the people in our business to be outstanding at what they do.
  • Treating our staff with the respect they deserve.
  • Emulating our family values to our customers to create advocates of our brand.

  • Putting the customer first in our processes.
  • Being a valuable partner to our customers and developing with them to achieve mutual success.
  • Helping our customers to be more successful by providing high levels of value in all communication, products and retail solutions.

  • Continuously looking at ways to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.
  • Committed to socially responsible sourcing, manufacturing and distribution methods.

  • Offering quality products developed with both the customer and consumer in mind, that perform at least as well as we promise.
  • Having a reputation of industry leading service which is personal, honest and trustworthy.
  • Having fully optimised processes that are continuously reviewed and improved to enhance the customer experience.

Behind the Scenes
Our work here at Perry extends past what we do for our customers.
Glee Award Winners
BETA Citation Award Trade Supplier of the Year - Runner-Up
We love to get involved with the local community and always try and find ways to get involved with our charity partners. Here are few projects we have gotten involved with
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