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20-in-1 Credit Card Sized Multi-toolHeat treated for added strengthSupplied with a sleeveAn essential tool for everyone to keep in their wallet!
For bedding into newly mixed concrete. Suitable for 1.8m (6ft) high fencing.
These Looped Pins are designed to suit any of the No.1303 Theatrical Scenery Backflap Hinges and enable the easy and quick release of scenery and associated theatrical props.
NEW PRODUCT! In stock nowMade from Stainless SteelSuitable for attaching to the door or gate edge
NEW PRODUCT! In stock nowSuitable for mounting on gates
With a flat, chisel end and swan neck with nail puller. Used for wrecking and prying.
Designed for clamping onto Rolled Steel Joists and can be easily adjusted or removed
To suit our No.500 Self Locking Auto Gate Catch.
Designed as a gate securing catch for gates fitted between posts and can also be fitted to the inside of the gate if required.