Hardware & Ironmongery

The most popular product used on handrails.
Suitable for fitting to the underside of lintel on lightweight single doors or out buildings. The overall length of the door holder is 15".
Complete with ¾" BZP screws.
For marine applications and domestic clothes line purposes.
Available with and without handles.
This highly efficient product is often called either a Barrel or Tunnel Type Mole Traps and should be carefully set, preferably within a run, with hands that have been rubbed...
The traditional scissor type Mole Trap and the most commonly used. A very efficient and robust device.
Each kit contains: - 2 x Traditional Rack Ends, 1 x Single Nylon Wheel Screw Pulley, 1 x Double Nylon Wheel Screw Pulley, 1 x Cleat Hook, 1 x Hank of Traditional Jute Rope, al...