Fencing Accessories

For bedding into newly mixed concrete. Suitable for 1.8m (6ft) high fencing.
A security product for connecting two fence panels between 100mm and 120mm posts.
Designed to secure trellis to wooden posts.
With a flat, chisel end and swan neck with nail puller. Used for wrecking and prying.
These products are normally set into concrete and are used to prevent rainwater penetrating under a wooden exterior entrance door. Longer lengths can be supplied - price on ap...
For general use within the agricultural / fencing industries and with our No.407 Gate Drops.
Inserted into brickwork and used to secure vines and plants to walls with threaded wire.
Used for general purposes and training plants utilizing threaded wire.
For securing rabbit netting, tents and other items to the ground. Can also be used as a ground marker to locate Mole Traps.
Used to put the tension into chain link fencing to prevent sagging between posts, similar to the small No.423 Bolt Locking Strainers.
Used on concrete or wooden posts. A cam and ratchet system makes it easy to add tension.